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Installing a new hardwood floor can enhance the value and beauty of your home for generations to come. Unlike other floor covering options wood floor will not permanently deteriorate over time, by simply refinishing your hardwood floor their beauty can be renewed, a service that cost fraction of a new floor.This is why installing new hardwood floor is consistently rated by Realtors as one of the smartest investments you can make to your home.

That said,installing a new hardwood floor can be an intimidating process. Mistakes can be costly and difficult to detect. An improperly installed floor may only reveal its defects 2 or 3 years later at which point costly repair,refinish or even replacement may be needed.

This is why contractors,designers and homeowners trust BayHouse Flooring to guide them through the process.


One of the greatest benefits of having a hardwood floor is the ability to refinish it. A refinishing job can transform an old floor in to the new one for thousands of dollars less than a new installation.

By refinishing your floor you can also completely change the color of the floor.

Quality refinishing work is a craft that requires years of practice to master.

At BayHouse Flooring we use best equipment and most advanced techniques to ensure your newly refinished floors produce that Wow effect.

During sanding and refinishing we use advanced dust contaiment system.


Hardwood floor will at times experience such extensive damage that simply refinishing them may not be enough. This is often the case with deep water damage and pet stains. In such cases the only solution is to replace the damage boards and attempt to blend the new boards with the old.

Our goal is to make the repair as seamless as possible.


When you have just a few nicks or scratches it can seem pointless to invest in complete sand and re-finish. Dont worry there is very little known option for those floors.

A simple screeining (buffing) and new coat of finish can fix the floor.

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